Raw Materials

amantramakṣaraṃ nāsti
nāsti mūlamanauṣadham ।
ayogyaḥ puruṣo nāsti
yojakastatra durlabhaḥ ॥

There is no sound that is not a mantra,
no plant that is not medicinal.
There is no person unworthy,
Rare is the man who knows its proper application

Ayurveda is such an industry where immense numbers of raw materials are consumed for production of various classical as well as proprietary medicines, namely herbal origin, animal origin, metals & minerals and other items like packing materials, excipients etc. In Arya Vaidya Sala the materials department is involved in the procurement of all these items. Procurement of these items in desirable quality and required quantity is a major task. But we have a chain of suppliers for all raw materials who know our requirement in terms of the quality parameters set by us. We have a group of herb collectors who collect fresh herbs entirely for Arya Vaidya Sala who are experienced since generations. These raw materials are sourced locally and also from suppliers throughout India.

Medicinal herbs: As per W.H.O report a few years back, nearly 80% of the world population still relies upon traditional system of Medicines mainly plant based. A major share of raw materials is of plant origin. It includes herbs, shrubs, leaves, barks, heartwood, flowers, seeds, fruits, fruit kernel, oils, gums, resins etc. Animal origin: Animal byproducts like ghee, milk, honey etc are inevitable for most of the Ayurvedic medicines. Metals &Minerals: Different types of metals & minerals like Gold, Silver, different types of salts etc are used in our products after doing purification as mentioned in the Shastras.

The quality of Raw materials is important as it defines the quality of the final product. Quality assurance of raw materials is a major step in the procurement of raw materials. Purchase orders to the suppliers are issued only after quality approval of samples. Once the materials reach our premises, it will be kept in quarantine for various quality tests. We use the traditional methods as well as most modern scientific technologies for identification, authentication and quality assurance of all the raw materials. Well experienced and senior ayurvedic physicians in our factories will check the materials initially followed by different laboratory tests. Plant materials are tested at our Centre for medicinal plants research (CMPR) - an institute of advanced research, education and training in the area of medicinal plants.

Chemical tests are done at our laboratory in our R & D department and the other laboratories attached to our factories. Our labs are accredited by Ayush department, Government of India for conducting researches, testing and authenticating medicinal plants. We have facilities to use different methods like Microscopy, High performance thin layer chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, Gas chromatography, U V Visible spectrophotometer, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer etc. We follow the Standards set by AYUSH department, Bureau of Indian Standards and other in house standards for testing various raw materials.

After approval the materials are moved for semi processing like size reduction, cleaning, drying etc whichever is needed to our raw drugs collection & chopping centre – a semi-processing factory at Kottakkal. The raw materials are transferred to anyone of our factories as per requirement.

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

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