Herbal Estate

Arya Vaidya Sala has recognised the importance of the natural resource base and takes great pride in its policy of ecological conservation.

About 220 acres of land has been developed as medicinal plants estates sprawling in and around Kottakkal in Malappuram District, Kanhirappuzha, Kottappuram & Kanjikode in Palakkad District and Nanjangud in Mysore District. Several annual, biennial and perennial plants are cultivated here for in-house consumption.

Estate Activities

The Green House facilities of the Centre for Medicinal Plants Research are being used for the generation of seedlings and cuttings. Navara rice, special varieties of dwarf coconut trees, BSRI variety of gooseberry trees etc. are cultivated for medicinal applications. There are about a hundred other medicinal plants which are cultivated for supplementing production needs.

Another allied activity is the production of high grade organic manure from the solid herbal residue generated in the Factory. New methods of compost production using microorganisms are also planned.

AVS is maintaining a pure “Malabari” breed of more than 150 goats for their milk and urine which results in production of quality medicines.

Cultivation Promotional Activities

For strengthening the different aspects of natural resource base, comprehensive steps like cultivation of threatened medicinal plants, promoting and supporting efforts for cultivation and trade in medicinal plants, supply of seedlings to growers, generation of organic manure, water conservation etc. are carried out. About 5 lakhs of seedlings are produced for distribution amongst potential cultivators.

The Medicinal Plants Board of Government of India has recognised the efforts of AVS in the field of herb cultivation and had granted a small financial support initially for strengthening these activities and in fact, AVS is now self-sufficient in certain items like Atalotakam, Karinkurinji, Nagadandi, Brahmi, Ashokam, Koovalam etc.

Cultivation guidance activities

With the co-operation of the Centre for Medicinal Plants Research, various extension activities are conducted at Panchayat and District levels. The special know-how and skill generated in the field of medicinal plant cultivation are transferred to individual farmers and NGOs through a verity of extension and education programs. The cultivated medicinal items are bought based on a Buy-back Agreement.

Herbal Garden

The Herbal garden is spread across 8 acres of land containing more than 1100 species of plants and herbs including rare and invaluable ones. These are conserved and exhibited for farmers, botanists, doctors, scholars, students and general public to visit and also learn about the medicinal plants.

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

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