Joint Disorders

January 6, 2024

Joint diseases affect the health and function of the joints. Some common joint diseases are osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylosis. Joint diseases affect bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and surrounding muscles. Due to this, the patient may complain of pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, and movement restrictions. Main cause of the disease is wear and tear of joints over a period of time. Other than this inflammatory, genetic, metabolic hormonal imbalances may also contribute for the pathology.


It is a degenerative joint disease that creates gradual changes in joints and bones and worsens over a period of time. Osteoarthritis involves a slow breakdown of cartilage within a joint and causes pain, swelling, inflammation etc. Knee joint, wrist, and hip joints are the main joints that may be commonly affected by OA. Genetic and metabolic predispositions due to certain cartilage geans may lead to OA in the family.


It’s a form of inflammatory arthritis that occurs due to high uric acid level in the blood. Uric acid is localised initially in small joints causes pain and inflammation. Patients who are suffering from dearranged metabolism may also include in this group. Treatment for the gout include dietary and life style modification, and medication.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is a condition caused by auto immune changes in the body which can affect multiple joints and cause the symptoms. In the due course of prognosis joints are badly affected and deformity may occur.

Ankylosing spondylosis is a form of arthritis that causes inflammation in joints and ligaments of spine which leads to stiffness, pain, and fusing together of vertebrae. Treatment for joint diseases is to arrest further progression/slow down with anti-arthritic drugs and mild strengthening exercises for muscles and joints.


Tendens are the tissues, that connect muscles to bones and help to hold bone intact. Injuries can cause inflammation to the tendons which may result in pain and inflammation. The condition is called tendonitis which may lead to permanent degeneration of joints over time. Athletes are the main group affected by this arthritis. Repairing the tendons and ligaments is the treatment protocol.

Nirgundi, Jatamanchi, Harithakee, Guluchi, Hingu, Bala, Rasna, Guggulu, etc……. are some drugs that have analgesic properties.

Ayurvedic polyherbal combinations like Maharasnadikashayam, Gugguluthikthakamkashayam, Sahacharadikashayam, Ashtavargamkashayam, Prasaranyadikashayam, Dhanwantaramkashayam, etc. are found to be very effective in the management of joint diseases.

Tablets :Yogarajaguggulu, Kaisoragguggulu, Vettumaran, Sooryaprabha, Vataganjangusarasam, Rhukot, Ostikot etc.

Arishtas : Balarishtam, Dasamoolarishtam, Dhanwantararishtam, Nibamrithasavam,

Tailam: Valiya Narayana Tailam, Sahacharadi Tailam, Pindatailam, Kottamchukkadi Tailam, Dhanwataram Tailam, etc. can be used for external applications.

Oral Oil Medication: KsheerabalaTailam(101), BalaThailam, GandhaThailam, Dhanwantaratailam.

To conclude regular exercise, weight management, and a healthy diet help to maintain joint disorders.

Dr. Rajesh T.G.

Senior Medical Officer

Centre for Textual Studies and Publications

Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

More than a Century of Health Care Tradition ...

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